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Pet Of The Week: February 22-26, 2021

Here you’ll find information about the Pet of the Week from the Athens County Dog Shelter and Friendly Paws Pet Supplies and Grooming



    Boys, Boys, Boys!
We have your Valentine just about ready for you. Check out these Boys, Boys, Boys! Princeton (orange tabby born May, 2020), Scout (tabby/white, born June 2020) and Marquis (black & white, born June, 2020) are all looking for loving homes. They are ready to be inside and snuggled!

sartwell boy kittens.jpg

For More Information check out : Friendly Paws Pet Supplies & Grooming 940 East State Street Athens, OH 45701  740-593-5125


TINY, 1-6-21, male neutered Am. Bulldog/Great Dane mix, ~2-3yo,

Valentine’s Day has passed, but Tiny is still in the shelter. His true love didn’t come for him. We tell him it won’t be long. We reassure him that his person will love his big, comforting presence. That someone will reciprocate his boundless affection and loyalty. There’s a special person out there that is as playful as he – someone who will laugh when he arches his back and dances around in anticipation of pets.

Tiny wants you to know that he does well with other dogs that approach him with friendly intentions. He says he’s just a big, lumbering goofball that wants an energetic partner to take him on adventures. He wants you to know he’s been waiting patiently, and that it’s not too late to ask him, “Will you be mine?”



Contact the Athens County Dog Shelter for more information or to meet this dog.

(740) 593-5415

13333 OH-13, Chauncey, OH 45719