Bob Beyette

Bob is a 40-plus year veteran of radio and has been with WATH and WXTQ since 1991. He started with WATH as an afternoon personality, and did a stint as WXTQ morning DJ, before becoming the news guy. Bob hails from Western New York,which is why snow doesn’t bother him. His career has taken him to Minnesota, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, back to Western New York and then to Athens.

Bob served as a Broadcast and Information Specialist in the U. S. Army and
was stationed at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana; Johnston Atoll(in the South Pacific) and Fort Gordon, Georgia. 

He is a graduate of Brown Institute of Broadcasting, the Defense Information
School and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Communications from
Medaille College in Buffalo, NY.

Bob also was an adjunct professor in Ohio University’s Scripps School of
Journalism from 2005 to 2010, teaching Radio News Writing and Reporting.

He is married to the love of his life, Marion, has three children, nine
grandchildren and a great granddaughter.