Pet of the Week

Here you’ll find information about the Pet of the Week from the Athens County Dog Shelter and Friendly Paws Pet Supplies and Grooming


Cat of the Week


Oliver & Babs, Grover & Betty: These four older kittens have had some bad luck preventing them from being adopted. Early on they were thought to have some gum disease which no adopter wanted to tackle. However, now that diagnosis has been reversed.

All four look just alike and they tend to hang out in these pairs. We would love for them to be adopted in pairs but will separate them because they really just need loving homes. Two is better than one anyway though right?

While in the kitten cage at Friendly Paws, they are usually asking for attention and want to be pet. They purr a lot and rub against you for more. They have always been the sweetest little things. They are kittens, so obviously they love to play!

Due to having been medicated a lot they can be a little leery of people in the home until they realize you are not going to shove a pill down their throats or put drops in their eyes. Our guess is that a quieter home (no small children, older calm kids ok) might be best given that they just haven’t been around a lot of craziness. We are looking for someone/s or families who are willing to be a little patient for them to come out of their shell once they are in a home.

A community couple has spent a fortune on these cats so they wouldn’t be euthanized and they have way too many of their own. Help us find these four wonderful indoor homes!

Email for an adoption application. Adoption fee is $25/each and will go to the couple fostering.


Dog of the Week


When Bertha arrived at the shelter, she was limping. She was not in the best of spirits and was grumpy when we poked and prodded. But now, she’s friendly and enjoys pets and affection. One might even say she’s perky. She’s a little reactive to other dogs in their kennels but seems to get along with those she has met on-leash. We do have it on authority that she does not enjoy sharing her food, or even the possibility of someone eyeing her dinner. As her considerable girth shows, this full-figured gal didn’t get that way from being charitable.

Bertha seems to be a no-nonsense gal that has just the right amount of affection without being too needy. We feel she would be best placed in a home with an owner that has the same qualities.

Contact the Athens County Dog Shelter for more information or to meet this dog.

(740) 593-5415

13333 OH-13, Chauncey, OH 45719