Increased Need for Child Care Professionals

Increased Need for Child Care Professionals


If you are looking for meaningful work that allows you the opportunity to be with your own children or to contribute to the success of other children, coad4kids would like you to consider offering child care in your home.  As more and more parents enter the work force, the need for child care services continues to increase, creating an excellent opportunity to earn an income while doing what you love and investing in the future.


Coad4kids is a FREE service committed to helping people like you get started in your own business.  We can help you with referrals, information, and support by providing services so you can provide quality care to the families you serve.  To get started, call your local coad4kids office today at (740) 373-6996 or toll free at 1-800-577-2276.


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Coad4kids is a service of COAD – A Coalition of 17 Community Action Agencies serving Appalachian Ohio