Contact Us

Contact Us

Office Hours 8am-4pm M-F

Receptionist/Billing: Angie Marks
Business Line: (740) 593-6651
Fax Line: (740) 594-3488
Requests: (740) 592-1055
or toll free 1-888-592-1055

President: Dave Palmer

For ALL Sales Inquiries: Click Here To Send An Email
AGM/Account Executive: Nic Palmer
Account Executive: Maryjane Burch
Account Executive: Scott Dailey
Production Director: Key Yerian
Public Service Announcements: PSA Email

News Director: Bob Beyette Email

Sports: Email

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  1. Hi, I was hoping to submit a lost dog for Pooch Patrol. We recently rescued a stray little beagle and have been nursing her back to health. She is approx. 8 months old with a purple collar. Her name is Nellie, but she does not respond to voice commands. She escaped from a leash yesterday near Porter Lane off of 682 in between Athens and the Plains. We are desperately trying to bring her home. My phone number is 614-906-0652. We hope you can help in any way you can. Thank you.

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